Kicking the Can

by Stone Iris

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released 26 March 2013

Written, Recorded and Produced by Stone Iris



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Stone Iris Edmonton, Alberta

New Blues Rock... Music from the inside, out.


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Track Name: I Wanna
I wanna live
This cage is so constricting something's got to give
And I wanna see
they say the worlds my oyster and that I am free
So give me some room
My words will shake the sun and make love to the moon.... Above your tomb.

I wanna dance
they call it living so at least just give it a chance when its straight from the heart,
the lonely people are coming back from the start
its just a matter of time
so now lets reach so high that you and me could cover the sky
we’ll cover the sky

Don't you ever feel like this
Don't you ever laugh while dying
I know you wanna piece of this
So don't ever never give it up

I wanna fuck
This monkey on my back it makes me push my luck
And I wanna play
So many ladies seem to wanna make my day
I wanna get high
If timings of the essence then I, satisfied
I'm satisfied now

And I just wanna piece of heart
Something better sever ties from the start
And I just wanna be in your room
Something better healing all of my wounds
Above your tomb
Track Name: Serene Machine
speak more or less of me your stallin i know more than i see are you letting me by you took a piece of the pie
tell me how its going to be when iv fallen over and in this sea
now are you leaving me dry and all the pieces of my heart

and i want to be inside the one thats where you are
its nothing to see but something to me honey got a hold out on my heart
and i want to be beside her but she just seems so far
its nothing to see but something to me if not worth the nights we were apart

It's a goddamn necessity
Stop stalling leaving wont set you free
When your leaving behind all of the pieces of your mind.

and i want to be inside the one thats where you are
its nothing to see but something to me honey got a hold out on my heart
and i want to be beside her but she just seems so far
its nothing to see but something to me if not worth the nights we were apart

Serene machines addiction
Serene machines all mine
Somehow someday ill find my mind
But for now I'm fine blind
Track Name: Recess
It's like a recess game wish I may I wish I might
Because when recess came things changed like it was day and night
I got this evil faith no gods gonna change my fate
I'm singin hallelujah to move ya turning sinners to saints

Listen let me teach I feel you like you feel the sun
It's better gettin clever than starin down a gun
Lookin for a reason it's right before your eyes
Together we are breathing together we will rise
So alive

What I gotta do these days
Runnin through stayin true blue breakin up your sound waves
Gotta Lotta heart from my bad start
Shot up in the dark singing lark on the freeway
Gotta give it up gotta get it up and out the rut
risin to the top like the good stuff
Look at all that we could leave behind
So take a walk with me man and we can see what we can find

And I ain't try a pay my way
I'd give a dollar for a penny and I'd give it away
I guess I'll give a toast to my health
Keep on chasin admiration don't know anything else

Ameri-nadian renegade
Itching for the fire get it higher with a hurricane
Another day hey what can I say
If its a game that I'm playing then I'm doin it the fit way

We in some different days now changed now but who's in charge
I can't support no sides when both sides ain't the one that I'm on
I got this angry love it floods flows between your bars
We makin life from fire higher higher e ville stars

99 to 1 the odds are favouring the mob
A feather or a brick which would you choose to do the job
Do the job
Track Name: E-Ville
No love my own blood all upon this town
My hearts eyes seen dark times stand up and fall down
Grown gritty this city pitiless and foul
You envy watch while I get me mine outshine your scowl

Five long years my sweat and tears have stained my name with pride
Stone mine iris ultra silence shattered so divine
Stumblin stumblin excess thunderin eville stars don't fade
Cumbersome love I'm a lonesome dove
In a city so cold and grey

We makin something out of nothin and my heart sings without you
And I've been livin like I'm lustin
Like a fire burnin 100 proof
This city is a shitty bizz but my love is for hire
We whining like some violins under the telewires
A man that stands is dust and sand but I spin like a tire
My heart is singin without you.

Without you

went downtown ran around trying to unwind
on a cold night in the streetlights they said good times i could find
all the people in the long lines im just trying to stay warm
cause theres no love no theres no love
it just always leaves me torn

Roll call long haul I've been leanin on the wrong wall
Track Name: Taste of Fame
Pleased to meet you feel I've had a taste of fame
Your eyes they shine like the diamonds dangling from your frame
Either way I'm in a haze I can't contain
Your just so intoxicating tell me your name

all alone now hard as stone now and so damn far
youve got me missing from all the places where we are
and i get thinking about it all but i carry on
theres just so much that its taking
the way its been all along

So what's your sign girl
Your on my mind girl and all the time girl

Beautiful thing she took me underneath her wing
It all done changed the pretty bird she just won't sing
Track Name: Real Appeal
We've been Workin far from home
Path uncertain road unknown
The need for change is stained along the way
End up far from where we've come
Amongst the stars but not yet done
I love I love I love but honey I can't stay
Cause believe you me if I do I might just fade away
Just some love and blood bones and love with something more to say

More than less it has appeal
But bright lights gotta darker feel
So If ido one thing I might as well keep it real
So if I do be thing I might as well keep it real

For my lover I won't lie
For my water I stay dry
The more I flow the less unmoved I seem
I can stand to walk all night
I have fought but I feel alright
And where I came from don't seem to recognize me
If I lay awake then I'm livin whatever I dream
Hell I give I take I make whatever I wanna see
Track Name: Mirage
Strong and weary major minor madness
Calm and teary I wanna slide
Blood endures me the lace that lines the madness
Understand but don't ask why

Love that bad bitch the glove that fits the sadness
Rabid mad itch livin lavish on the side
Pins and needles keep me in the attic
Cross my heart and hope to die

And what's it gonna take for you to try
Some other colours on for size
Spilling my soul I was down for the cause
Fill your whole and know my god

Hold my own mouth when all that's good has gone south
Bone dry run out I'm engaged to change the tide
Steel and stone eyes I will hold mine
Till the lonely roam the sky
Track Name: Get it Right
And all these changes happened so fast
Spring done come now summers almost passed
Take a look at your girlfriend
Now who's ballin now who's ballin
Deaded on a Sunday overcast

And she don't care for you anymore
She's takin your compliments as a side joke
So take a look at your girlfriend
Now who's ballin now who's ballin
Laughin at your face on the inside

You oughtta know what I like
Someone to show for the days and nights hope I get it right

ya your too rude for the summertime
you break my balls yea im fallin out of line
but take a look at yourself now
saying now whos ballin now whos ballin
ya your too rude most the time

You oughtta know what I like
Someone to show. She's with me in my car

I met her on a Thursday when the outdoors call to you and the lights different.
In spite of my condition she listened
I've been confused through and through highs and lows low over
You make me king
I drove her out to the the view, that's my place
Where the city glows like coals and you kinda feel like you could be a Martian comin in on it
That is us two of the same in a world of different
So let the lines blur and ride with me